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Canton Fair Is Drawing Near - Hualibao Protective Film Is Coming For The Exhibition Apr 11, 2018

The Canton Fair is coming. Are you ready? As one of the most important offline channels to obtain orders, I believe that you would love to participate in Canton Fair so as to acquire more orders.


How to stand out of the exhibitors and attract the potential clients within the shortest time and take the first step towards success?


Ealier phase


1. Invite Customers to Canton Fair


If you have your own booth, you have got to inform your customers, including all the customers you contacted before.


There are two ways to send invitation letters to your customers. The first one is email notification. You need to tell your customers your booth number.


If the customers are important to you, you’d better make use of international express service enclosed with presents of companies. It’s a stage for you to show your company’s images and make friendly contacts with customers. As for regular customers, you can confirm some terms and conditions to pave the way for customers’ visit and placing orders.


2. Knowledge reserve for products


At the exhibition, everyone is busy when it’s crowded and no one will help you receive customers, especially when you are a freshman. At this moment, you can’t count on them. It’s impossible for you to ask others when your customers come with doubts. They don’t have time for you to waste. Therefore, you should reserve knowledge for products (product parameter, price trend, related certificates, inspection result and so on).


3. Collect physical samples

Collect typical physical samples from factories. Remember to bring your camera. For those samples that you can’t take, you should shoot some photos and classify the samples and record the number and supply price.


4. Utilize your phone

For apps of card management, you can make use of it and turn cards into mobile phone contacts and store them into your whatsapp, viber, kakaotalk, line or facebook. With these softwares, you can find your customers and contact them easily.


5. Prepare tally books and bookbinding machines


With tally books, you can record customers’ every concerns. It shouldn’t be stingy. We should leave some pages for recording communication with customers. On one hand, it’s beneficial for our later following up. On the other hand, our customers will feel that we are paying attention to them.


We use bookbinding machines to bind customers’ business cards in the convenience of subsequent tidying.




Quote the lowest price for the first product


In general, customers will ask suppliers for price lists of various kinds of products. Our bidding strategy is to have a combination blow. Our first quotation is at the lowest price and you will even lose money. Because at the beginning, most of the customers try to sound out the price. After getting customers' attention, we can normalize our prices which will lead to good results.



Your profession determines whether you can succeed


In fact, the speciality of salespersons are very vital in Canton Fair. For example, if you possess the knowledge about products, markets and especially competitors, our customers will have faith in you and your products. Therefore, for salespersons, they should enhance their professionality as much as possible.



Don’t be eager to clinch a deal


It’s very important because those customers need to hold a meeting to make a research on the procurement after the trade fair. The golden period is 3 weeks later after Canton Fair. As long as we can show our products and advantages of the enterprise to our customers, we can achieve successes eventually.



Later period

Your work has only just begun as the Canton Fair finishes.


As an excellent marketing salesperson, we will bind the customers’ business cards to the notebook and mark the key points during communication with customers. We generally follow up with customers one week after the Canton Fair. The golden timing for customers to place orders is within 3 weeks.