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PE Protective Film And The Protection Of The Product Between The Paste Is Not Strong Problem Oct 18, 2017

PE  protective film and the protected product is not firmly between the  paste, in the transport and use of the process of falling off the  phenomenon of the reasons for this problem with the opposite of the  problem, the biggest possibility is that the protective film products  used in the production Pressure-sensitive adhesive  viscosity is not enough, there is a possibility that the user is in the  use of the mold when the pressure of the press is not enough, or the  surface of the profile is not clean, dust or paint, etc., affecting the  paste effect The If this problem occurs for  the reasons, the right medicine, replace the sensitive adhesive to  increase the pressure of the film, or in the film when the attention to  the surface of the profile of effective cleaning, to avoid the emergence  of such problems.