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The Best Way To Extend The Glass Protective Film Oct 18, 2017

The best way to extend the glass protective film:
Do not move the glass within 3 days of the window film installation. Do not scrub the glass with water within 15 days of window film installation. In the film glass can not be used on the suction cup hanging or with  adhesive to fix any items, do not paste the stickers on the window film  decorations.
Clean  the surface of the window film with a detergent that does not contain  ammonia, and then gently wipe the glass with a clean, soft cotton or  soft tissue. Cotton and paper towels are often wring dry and contain  pure topicals on cotton / paper towels Alcohol will soon dissolve huge stains and faty fingerprints. If  the stains are not washed, re-spray the cleaning solution, wipe the  window film horizontally from the top to the bottom with a soft rubber  wipe until it is dry. Wipe the edge of the glass film with a towel. When  the adhesive tape, sticky note or decal paper is used on the window  film, remove the glue or glue remaining on the material, and use a soft  clean cotton cloth on the acetone Of  the area, will soon be able to completely remove the residual glue on  the glass film, a small amount of acetone will not damage the polyester  film, but can immediately dissolve and completely evaporate the glue and  most of the paint. Do not use hard wipes, brushes, wipes with sand polish to clean the glass foil.