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The Characteristics And Application Of Non-gel Electrostatic Glass Film Oct 18, 2017

Non-static electrostatic glass film Features:
1, using no adhesive, the latest electrostatic adsorption process.
2, safety and environmental protection, the use of high-quality PVC  raw materials, the use of preheating cold will not produce shrinkage.
3,  no adhesive paste, can be repeatedly paste, according to the style of  the interior or seasonal replacement of the film (peel the film and tear  before the use of transparent base film together after the volume of  good preservation, can continue to use, easy to use , Without other auxiliary materials, can be completed by their own paste).
4, isolated UV, translucent opaque.
5, fashion color printing, more with your interior decoration style, creating a colorful lifestyle space.
6, unique 3D stereo touch, because of the different light and background, change the different bright colors.
Non-adhesive electrostatic glass film function:
1, energy saving, reduce air conditioning, heating brought high tariffs.
2, to protect privacy, so that living space to enjoy the quiet and comfortable.
3, blocking UV invasion, protection of indoor items fade and aging.
4, to improve the appearance of the building and beautify the indoor living environment.
5, filter the light, reduce glare, protect the skin and vision.
6, easy to paste, easy to clean, friction, no special maintenance.
7, increase the glass strength, reduce personal injury and protect the property.
8, economical and practical, do not fade, do not blister, use a long time.
9,  non-adhesive electrostatic glass film is characterized in order not to  leave the glass on the plastic, easy to clean, clean glass, the weakness  is just posted up to look good.