Acrylic Adhesive PET Protective Film

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The acrylic PET protective film is made with high transparency PET as the substrate, single side coated with self-adsorbing acrylic glue. It can be laminated with released polyester liners for double layer acrylic PET protective film. The acrylic PET protective film is available in a variety of thickness and stickiness.

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Product details:
Acrylic polyester protective film is widely favored by the market and consumers, and is widely used in the surface protection of various electrical and electronic products, such as: plastic frame, mirror glass, aluminum plate, protection of mobile phone screen, tablet computer screen, monitor screen and other surface.

Specification for acrylic PET protective film as below:

Material 100% polyester
Brand Hualibao
Thickness 30 to 150 microns (0.03 to 0.15mm)
Width 10~1500mm
Length 50~1000m
Colors Transparent, Blue, White, Green, Black & White.
Adhesive Type Acrylic, solvent, Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)
Adhesion 1 to 1000 g/25mm
Humidity-proof (±6%) 90% for 48 hours, no abnormalities
Heat Resistance 150°C for 2 hour, no glue transfer and no residue

Application for acrylic adhesive PET protective film
1. Temporary transfer and fixation of electronic products;
2. Surface protection during product transportation;
3. All kinds of film/tape die-cutting carrier, transfer and disposal waste.
4. Surface protection for shipment;
5. It can be used as support carrier for plastic/metal die-cutting of different thickness;
6. Surface protection during the manufacturing process of mobile phone lens, polarizer and LCD optical lens, the protection during the manufacturing process of liquid crystal display panel and touch screen, and the temporary carrier after the photoelectric material is formed.

Ordering information for acrylic adhesive PET protective film
1. Product specification: different products have different thickness, color and viscosity, if there is no specific parameter, you can tell what product is pasted, we recommend to you the appropriate product.
2. Material: the specification of different material is not the same, the applicable range and price will be different, so according to your needs, determine what kind of material to make your products. Of course, we will also give you suggestions.
3. Material color: different materials have different colors, you can choose the color according to your needs.
4. Reference price: according to different materials, size, specifications, production process, the price is different, according to your product requirements, please consult our business staff.

PET acrylic protective film features:
1. The surface is flat and smooth, with the function of automatic absorption of exhaust bubbles, and the adsorption performance is basically unchanged after paste;
2. Easy to stick and peel, no residual glue at high temperature, stable viscosity;
3. High transparency material ensures high resolution picture quality;
4. In purification workshop production, dust-free coating, high cleanliness, with excellent performance.

Q: What is the effect of the Hualibao acrylic PET protective film?
A : It is mainly used for protection in prism, diffusion, light guide plate, PET film, especially suitable for ITO conductive protective film covering and other electronic manufacturing processes.
Q: How long we can keep the acrylic PET protective film on our materials?
A : We suggest the film should be peeled off no more three months.
Q : How to guarantee your acrylic PET protective film quality?
A: 1) Full test before order.
2) Professional test and inspection during producing.
3) Third party inspection before shipment.
4) After shipment: if there is any problem about protective film quality, we will solve it and improve as soon as possible.
Q: Where is Guangdong Hualibao CO., LTD?
Mr. Javier Xie Tel: +86 138 2345 9525 EMAIL: [email protected]
Q: Are you manufacturer trading or company?
A: We are professional large manufacturer for acrylic PET protective film with experience over 20 years. We can offer one-stop service of customization for your every special requirement.
Q: Do you offer acrylic PET protective film samples? Is it extra or free?
A: Yes, we could supply specific acrylic PET protective film sample base on your requirement. Samples are free, but need you pay for the delivery charge.
Q: What is the lead time for Hualibao acrylic PET protective film?
A: 7-21 days after deposit, depends.
Q : Is it the same adhesion on plastic sheet, PMMA, metal surface, stainless steel, aluminum profile or carpet?
A : Depend on the roughness of the material surface, we offer different acrylic PET protective film for every material. Better to check with our representative for the suitable adhesion and thickness before use. Full test is necessary.
Q : What can be specifically customized about the acrylic PET protective tape property?
A : Protection tape thickness, color, adhesion, roll per size, printing on the film, package, etc.




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