Floor Protective Film

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This floor mask plastic helps protect your valuable floors from dirt, chips and scratches. Our adhesive protective film provides an excellent moisture barrier and resists ripping and tearing. The floor protection film can be regular or reversed wound, which can rolls on smoothly and removes easily. It's the perfect film to protect expensive wood and marble floor on the jobsite or for other purposes.

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1. Product Structure For Floor Protective Film

Floor Protective Film

2. Product Specification For Floor Protective Film:
We offer customized manufacturing for different SPEC for this floor protective film and floor mask, please check with Hualibao representative to select the suitable floor plastic cover before order.

Protective film for floor

Product: Floor Protective Film, Floor Mask
Colors: Clear or blue, and make as customer’ requirement
Thickness: 1.5mil to 6 mil, 40-150 microns
Rolls Size: 48”*200’, 36”*500’, 24”*600’, etc. Regular or reversed wound for choice.
Printability: 1-3 different color
Adhesion: Low to high, 50-1000g/25mm, suitable for marble, wood floor, ceramic, tile surface, etc.
Adhesive: Water based adhesion or Solvent acrylic resin.
Application: Temporary surface protection for marble, wood floor, ceramic, tile, etc.
Features: ◆Hot resistant up to 70 degree C, special easy-peel-off & remove, stable adhesion, no residue after removal.


◆Suitable for professional and domestic use – no adhesive transfer.


◆Self-adhesive, temporary protection for hard surface areas, floors stairs, doors, worktops etc.


◆Fast and easy to lay just roll the film over surface and it sticks firmly in place


◆Just peel off after use.


◆Another top quality item from the Hualibao range of products.

Packing: Carton package, pallet package, depends on rolls size.
MOQ: 20000 square meters.
Lead Time: 10~30 days, depends.


3. Direction Use For Floor Protective Film
◆ Clean your marble, wood floor, ceramic, tile surface thoroughly before use. Keep the surface dry and clean, free from oil, dust, solvents or other chemicals to prevent any residue happen.
◆ Make sure the film is perfectly stick to material surface.
◆ Suggested temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C for the floor mask film lamination.
◆ Data above is tested by method of industry recognition but not as guarantee of size of product.
◆ Check with sample before or contact us when use in special material and processing.
◆ This document is owned by GUANGDONG HUALIBAO CO.,LTD. Do not use it without official permission.

hardwood floor protection film

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