High Adhesion OPP Protective Film

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OPP protection film with high transparency, good cleanliness, slightly elastic, no wrinkle, no residual glue, is the electronic industry, diffusion sheet, PVC board and a variety of plastic sheet protection materials. at the same time, high adhesion OPP protection film can be also used for die-cut and transfer applications.

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Product Name: High adhesion OPP protective film, high tack OPP protection tape
Base Material: Oriented Polypropylene, 100% purity.
Type of Adhesive: Acrylic solvent glue, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)
Color: High transparent /Clear
Adhesion: 100-1000g/25mm, high tack/high adhesion.
Width: standard 1250mm. Customized 10mm ~ 1560mm,
Thickness (Micron/μ): 30mic~ 100mic, or customized
Length: standard 150/200m, customized
Temperature Resistance: 0°C – 150°C
Main uses: product surface protection, used for die cutting, transferring, etc.

Application for High adhesion OPP protective film
1.OPP protective film is widely used in hardware products:
Computer case shell, galvanized sheet stamping, computer paint plate, electrolytic plate, plastic injection molding, printing and painting parts surface protection.
2.OPP protective film for liquid crystal photoelectric series:
Surface protection for LCD display, backlight panel, cold light sheet, conductive film switch, touch screen, color computer display.
3.Plastic injection molding products:
ABS, PP injection products, PVC plate, acrylic board, instrument panel, plastic lens surface protection.
4.OPP film for nameplate printing:
PVC, PC, aluminum plate, copper plate and other metal, plastic nameplate surface protection during printing process.
5. OPP film for decoration board:
Surface protection of stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, aluminum curtain wall, titanium plate, plastic steel plate, polaroid plate, ceramics, polyester plate and other products.
5.Glass work:

Glass painting, sand spraying, carving and other protection.
*Surface protection during product transportation;
*All kinds of metal, film, tape die cutting protection, transfer and surface protection;
*All kinds of plastic case, keyboard and other plastic protection.

Advantages of Hualibao High adhesion OPP protective film
1. Over 20 Years Experiences – HUALIBAO was established in 2000, covers an area of 50,000 square meter factory and gain so much praise from our customers. Our group was certificated by ISO9001, and all the protective films we produced had SGS and Rohs certifications.
2. Certification — Our group was certificated by ISO9001, and all the protective films we produced had Rohs and SGS certifications.
3. Specialized Team — We have a specialized R&D department, expert producing workers and top Quality Control staff to ensure supplying all kinds of PE, OPP, PET, PP high-quality protective films to the buyers all over the world.
4. High-Precision Equipment — We have introduced the best mechanical equipment from Japan and Korea, also we have the professional non-dust workshop and precise inspection instrument.
5. Best Price — Our factory had set up a strong relationship with the material supplier so that we can give you the competitive OPP protective film price to help our customer gain the good business.

Q: Is Hualibao a trading company or manufacturer?
A: Huliabao is a large professional manufacturer for high adhesion OPP protective film with experience over 20 years. We can offer one-stop service of customization for your every special requirement.
Q: Where is Hualibao CO., LTD?
Mr. Javier Xie EMAIL: [email protected] Tel: +86 138 2345 9525
Q : Is it the same adhesion on plastic board, stainless steel, carpet, glass, or pmma?
A : Depend on the roughness of different material surface, we offer various adhesion strength for surface protection. Better to check with our representative for the suitable adhesion and thickness before order. Full test is necessary.
Q: What is the lead time for Hualibao high adhesion OPP protective film?
A: 3-25 days after deposit, depends.
Q : What can be specifically customized about the protection tape property?
A : High adhesion OPP protective film thickness, color, printing on the film, package, adhesion, roll per size, etc.
Q: Does Hualibao offer high adhesion OPP protective film samples? Is it free or extra?
A: Yes, we could supply specific high adhesion OPP protective film sample base on your requirement. Samples are free, but need you pay for the delivery charge.
Q: What is the effect of the Hualibao high adhesion OPP protective film?
A : Sticking the product on the surface of various products can effectively protect it from being dirty and scratched during storage, transportation and processing. Hualibao protective film is suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy products, stainless steel products, plexi-glass products, furniture, household appliances, paint panel, mirror panel, alloy panel, and all kinds of advanced decorative panel, all kinds of building panels.
Q : How to guarantee your high adhesion OPP protective film quality?
A: 1) Full test before order.
2) Professional test and inspection during producing.
3) Third party inspection before shipment.
4) After shipment: if there is any problem about protective film quality, we will solve it and improve as soon as possible.
Q: How long we can keep the high adhesion OPP protective film on our materials?
A : We suggest the film should be peeled off no more three months.

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