PET Protective Film

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The PET film is made with the polyester plastic, coated with solvent acrylic or silicone glue on one side. Hualibao is specialized in making the solvent acrylic and silicone adhesive for the polyester film both in single layer and double layers. It can stand high temperature up to 200 degree C.

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1.Specification Sheet For PET Protective Film

Product Name PET Protective Film
Shape Roll
Thickness 30 ~ 100 microns
Width 20 ~ 1500mm
Length 100 ~ 1500m/Roll
Adhesion Force 3g-500g/25mm
Optional Silicon Coating One or Both sides
Special Treatment Anti-Static, anti-scratching, embossed adhesive coating
Subsequent adhesion strength ≥90%
Color Customized color: clear,
Temperature Resistance -20℃ ~ 200℃

PET Protective Film

2. Wide Range of Applications for PET protective film
1) Die-Cut application
2) Graphic Arts
3) Printing Field
5) Fiber Composites
6) Various of Tapes
7) Labels
8) Electrical & Electronics Industry

3. Advantages of Hualibao PET Protective Film
1) High temperature and solvent resistance
2) Stable release force
3) High tensile and tear resistance
4) High clarity
5) Low shrinkage
6) Anti-static treated
7) Anti-scratching
8) No coating traces
9) Easy to release

4.Overview on Hualibao Factory: Big factory, graceful surrounding

5.Overview on Hualibao Facilities: Advanced equipments on mass production

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