Self-Adhesive Film No Glue Static Cling Protection Tape

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Self-adhesive film is a kind of non-coating film, base on the product itself electrostatic adsorption to adhere to the article for the protection function, generally more used for adhesive or glue residue sensitive surface, mainly used for glass, lens, mirror surface, highlight plastic surface, PMMA sheets and other smooth and polished surface. No glue is coated on the tape, the low static clings to surface for protection.

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Below specifications can be customized based on your needs, please check with our representative before order.

Product: Self-adhesive film no glue static cling protection tape
Colors: Transparent, clear, blue, black&white
Thickness: 30-100 microns
Length: 50-3000m
Width: 30-1500mm
Peeling Strength: Mainly low tack, 1-10g/25mm
Application: Temporary surface protection for glass, lens, mirror surface, highlight plastic surface, acrylic and other very smooth surface.
Features: Hot resistant up to 80 degree C, Special easy-peel-off & remove, stable adhesion, no residue after removal.
Packing: Carton package, pallet package
MOQ: 5000 square meters.
Lead Time: 1~20 days.

1. Quality assurance: Over 20 year’s experience in protective film manufacturing and developing.
2. Customized design: We can match up your special requirements for the self adhesive films regarding to color, thickness, roll width and length, tackiness, packages and etc.
3. Price preference: Direct deal from professional large manufacturer supplier in China for static cling protective film.
4. Technical support: you can inquiry us about the protective film any time you like, our technical team will offer your reasonable surface protection solutions for your valuable products.

Q:Is Hualibao manufacturer or trading company?
A: Huliabao is professional large manufacturer for protective film with experience over 20 years. We can offer one-stop service of customization for your every special requirement.
Q: Where is Hualibao CO., LTD?
Mr. Javier Xie Tel: +86 138 2345 9525 EMAIL: [email protected]
Q : Is it the same adhesion on stainless steel, aluminum profile, carpet, hardwood floor, or plastic board?
A : Depend on the roughness of the material surface, we offer different adhesion strength for every material. Better to check with our representative for the suitable adhesion and thickness before use. Full test is necessary.
Q: What is the lead time for Hualibao protective film?
A: 3-20 days after deposit, depends.
Q: How long we can keep the adhesive film on our materials?
A : We suggest the film should be peeled off no more three months.
Q : What can be specifically customized about the protection tape property?
A : Protective film thickness, color, adhesion, roll per size, printing on the film, package, etc.
Q: What is the effect of the Hualibao protective film?
A : Sticking the product on the surface of various products can effectively protect it from being dirty and scratched during storage, transportation and processing. Hualibao protective film is suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy products, stainless steel products, plexi-glass products, furniture, household appliances, paint panel, mirror panel, alloy panel, and all kinds of advanced decorative panel, all kinds of building panels.
Q : How to guarantee your protective film quality?
A: 1) Full test before order.
2) Professional test and inspection during producing.
3) Third party inspection before shipment.
4) After shipment: if there is any problem about protective film quality, we will solve it and improve as soon as possible.
Q: Does Hualibao offer protective film samples? Is it extra or free?
A: Yes, we could supply specific protective film sample base on your requirement. Samples are free, but need you pay for the delivery charge.

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