What is the cause of the rainbow pattern on the protective film?

Rainbow pattern mainly appears on the hardened PET protective film, because this is a reaction that is inevitable in the hardening process of the PET protective film, but it is only good or bad.

PET hardening film rainbow pattern control
The PET hardened film rainbow pattern is a characteristic of the PET base film itself and a coating process factor, so that the hardened film product exhibits different degrees of rainbow phenomenon under a specific light source.

Rainbow pattern analysis of PET protective film:
1. The degree of lightness of the rainbow pattern of the PET base film directly affects the quality of the cured film product.
2, the characteristics of the hard coating liquid is also one of the important factors.
3, the different refraction of the coating and the base film will affect the weight of the rainbow pattern, the thickness and uniformity control of the coating is very important.

The rainbow pattern of PET cured film, due to the material properties of PET itself, plus the difference in refractive index of different material layers. Therefore, it is impossible to completely avoid the hardened film rainbow. However, we can set the upper limit standard according to the degree of severity, in order to define the severity of the rainbow pattern.

Post time: 2019-02-11