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Protective Film Used in Building and House

  • Window Frame Protective Film

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    Window Frame Protective Film

    Window Frame Protective Film in building and houses LDPE Protection Tape For Window Profiles
    Window frame film offers temporary protection during building and house construction, renovation or decoration. It can stick to the widow profiles easily and...
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  • Glass Protective Film

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    Glass Protective Film

    Anti-UV Glass Protective Film with Stable Adhesion Protection Up to 1 Year
    By the time construction is over, the glasses on the windows are a mess. But if your glass is covered with Hualibao protective films, clean-up is a piece of cake. So when the job...
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  • Blue or Clear Window Film

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    Blue or Clear Window Film

    Hot selling Clear Blue Window Film Medium To High Adhesion Anti UV No residue After Removal
    By the time construction, renovation or decoration is finished, the windows are filthy. Cleaning up at the end of the job is a difficulty, taking up valuable...
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  • Ceramic Tile Marble Protective Film

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    Ceramic Tile Marble Protective Film

    Convenient And Popular Floor Protective Film For Ceramic Tile Marble Floor Mask Hard Floor Protection Film
    Hualibao floor mask is a very convenient product for hard floor protection such as ceramic tiles and marbles. It is very easy to use, just roll it...
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  • Wood Floor Protective Film

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    Wood Floor Protective Film

    Good Adhesion Low Cost Wood Floor Protection film Hard Wood Floor Mask Floor Protector
    It helps protect your valuable wood floors from dirt, chips and scratches with Hulibao specified floor films. It provides an excellent moisture barrier and resists...
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If you're interested in protective film used in building and house, welcome to buy quality products from professional manufacturers and suppliers here. Besides, customized protective film used in building and house is also available in our factory.