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Electrostatic film is actually made with a kind of electrostatic fluid, co-extruded on the surface of the original film, to play a role of adhesion. People also call it as self-absorptive film, self-adhered film, non glue film or non-gel film.

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1.Product Basic Structure For Static Protective Film:

Static Protective Film

2. Product SpecificationFor Static Protective Film

Propriedades gerais
Aparência / Claro / Visual
Largura milímetros 1000-1540 ±5% GB/T451.2-2002
comprimento metro 100-5000 ±5% GB/T451.2-2002
Espessura ? m 30-80 ±5% GB/T7125-2014
Adesão gf / 25mm 1-50 ±5% GB/T 2792-2014


3. Aplicação & Characters For Static Protective Film:
◆ Uniformity of thickness and good flatness;
◆ The product has good transparency, no water ripple and small crystal point.
◆ High static resistance and good static effect.
◆ Good viscosity, which can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements;
◆ This product meets the national industry standards.
◆ Widely applicable to glass, lenses, high gloss plastic surface, ABS board, PC panel, PMMA sheet, acrylic materials and other very smooth surface.

Static Protective Film

4. Direction Use For Static Protective Film
◆ Clean your material thoroughly before use. Mantenha a superfície seca e limpa, livre de óleo, poeira, solventes ou outros produtos químicos para evitar qualquer resíduo acontecer.
◆ Use roller or stamping machine when use the protective film.
◆ Make sure the film is perfectly stick to material.
◆ Suggested temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C for the embossed film lamination.

5. Storage Condition
◆ Best keep it in temperature 23±2(℃), humidity 65%±5%.
◆ Guaranteed period: Within 6 months after purchase. Not included if it exposed to sunlight, above 40℃ and 70% humidity or below 0℃.

6. Precautions:
◆ dados acima é testado pelo método de reconhecimento da indústria mas não como garantia de tamanho de produto.
◆ Verifique com amostra antes ou entre em contato conosco quando o uso de material e processamento especial.
◆ Este documento é propriedade de GUANGDONG HUALIBAO CO., LTD. Não usá-lo sem permissão oficial.

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8.equipamentos avançados de produção em massa para estática película protetora

Our Hualibao CO LTD develops this PE film which has different viscosity without the traditional glue coating process. Generally, it is used on surfaces that are sensitive to adhesives or glue residues. It is used on glass, lenses, high-gloss plastic surfaces, acrylic and other very smooth surfaces. Static electricity is not felt outside the film, it is from the mucous membrane with low adhesion which is perfectly enough for the highlight surface.

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