Protective Film For Glass Window

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By the time construction is over, the glasses on the windows are a mess. But if your glass is covered with Hualibao protective films, clean-up is a piece of cake. So when the job is over, builders simply peel off protective film and throw it away – along with all the grime, even the labels. Hualibao film provides an end-to-end solution to dirty, scratch and damage on the windows and glasses. It can stick to the glass up to one year. It is a product of economical, convenient and time saving.

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1.Specification for Glass Window Protective Film

Product: Glass protective film, window protection film
Color: Transparent, Blue
Thickness: 30 150 microns
Length: 50m to 1000m,
Width: 100mm to 1560mm
Printability: Maximum 3 colors
Adhesion: 100 – 1000g/25mm, depends on the roughness of glass and window
Adhesive: Solvent acrylic resin,

Water-based emulsion resin;

Application: Protect windows and glasses during any new build, refurbishment and other maintenance projects.
Features: Stable adhering capacity.
Environmental, durable, recyclable, safe.

Acid alkali resistant,

Moisture proof.

Easy to adhere,

Easy to peel off without any residue.

Packing: Individual box, pallet package, or as required.
MOQ: 20000 sqm.
Lead Time: 14~28 days
Payment terms: Fob Guangdong Port; 100% paid upon shipment.

Protective Film For Glass Window

2. Features Of Hualibao Glass Window Protective Film
A. Environmentally friendly adhesive and reversed winding film for easy use.
B. Ultra tough, high-stretch polyethylene resists tearing and puncturing for window and glass surface temporary protection.
C.Ideal for builders, remodelers, painters and DIY home owners. Save time and money on the clean up the mess on the glass and windows.
D.Up to 90 days of protection for the glass/windows protection, anti-UV added to protect from the X-rays.
E.Grip well on glass/windows, easy to remove, no damage or residue left behind.
F.Hualibao is the great professional experienced manufacturer and supplier for the Glass Window Protective Film, stable quality, price and service is guaranteed.

Protective Film For Glass Window

3. Notes For Users On The Glass Window Film:
◆Hualibao recommends medium adhesion 50-150g/25mm for common glass temporary protection, and 200-300 g/25mm for common window temporary protection.
◆We could make higher adhesion if customer requests, but the glue transfer risk will be higher.
◆Before use our film on the surface, the glass and window should be clean and dry, free from oil, solvents, dust or other chemicals, otherwise the chemical reaction will happen with our adhesive and caused glue residue on the window/glass surface after removal.
◆Though our guarantee for anti-UV up to one year, we suggest customer remove the film within 6 months.

Protective Film For Glass Window

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